Guide to the Foton Range of Compact Tractors

Foton Lovol Heavy Industries is one of the fastest growing brands in China. In fact, the World Brand Lab ratings put it in the top 500 most valuable brands in the country. What does this mean to you as a property owner?

Spicing Up the Farm Appliance Sector

This is a company that has entered the market lately with a magnificent series of tractors ranging from the 28 HP (25 series), 45 HP (40 series) and 55 HP (50 series) Compact Tractors. If you have been following the market trends, you will concur that it was time another manufacturer came in to spice up the competition.

While Chinese imports have for a long time been discredited, Foton tractors are changing the perception with their cutting edge technology and ergonomically designed appliances to suit any type of farm use from mowing, gardening to digging.

Comparing Foton Tractors

To make a wise choice when selecting the series offered by the company, you need to compare the major features. Here is a simple guide:

Shuttle transmission: The Foton 25 and 40 tractor series comes with 8 forward and 8 reverse range of high and low gears for multiple working environments. The 55 HP (50 series) on the other hand ups the game by offering 16 forward and 8 reverse gear choices.

Wheel drive: The Foton 25 has a 2WD and 4WD drive option while the 45 HP (40 series) and 55 HP (50 series) come only in 4 wheel drive mode. The drive modes can be selected using a simple lever.

Twin speed PTO: All these tractor series have a twin speed PTO which allows you to operate at either 540rpm or 1000rpm. This enables you to handle any type of farm work using any implement available.

Steering: The three Foton compact tractors have power steering capability to handle hydraulic pumps and make driving and operating the machine easy. Working with heavy loads is as easy as working without any loads on the bucket, for instance.

Hydraulic spool outlets: 28 HP (25 series) model comes with 5 hydraulic spool outlets, while the 45 HP (40 series) and 55 HP (50 series) have 4 spool outlets. The multiple outlets allow for fitting forward and rear implements and attachments of your choice.

Engine performance variations: The 40 series has an engine gross power of 45hp, while the 25 series comes in at 28hp. The 55 HP (50 series) gives you 55 hp engine power. The rated speed of the 28 HP (25 series) is slightly lower at 2350 rpm compared to the other two models which post 2400 rpm rated speed.

cab optionsCabin comfort: The 55 HP (50 series) wins hands down when it comes to comfort with its deluxe cabin featuring window wipers, flat floor design, cabin heater, side located gear levers and sprung seat.

Displacement: This is a factor of performance, and the 25 series posts the lowest at 1694cc, followed by the 40 series, while the Foton 55 HP (50 series) posts the highest displacement count at 3168cc.

The Foton compact tractor range is primed for different needs for farmers. Whether you want a lawn tractor or you have some heavy lifting to do, there is a Foton appliance to suit your needs.